Zig Zag Hops

by Patrick

in Plyometric Exercises,Video

Zig zag hops are very useful for building lateral quickness and lower leg strength. They will also increase the strength of your ankles, thus reducing the possibility for injury. This is not a real difficult exercise, so just about anyone can do them.

To begin zig zag hops, make two parallel lines on the ground that will run straight out in front of you. The lines should be about 20-40 feet long. The distance between them doesn’t matter much, but try to aim for somewhere between 2-5 feet. Once you have the lines drawn, stand on the end of one line so that it is extending out in front of you. You will be jumping forward, but with each jump you will hop sideways a bit so that you can land on the other line. 

Check out the video of zig zag hops below. 

                                                  Zig Zag Hops Video

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