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by Patrick

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I thought I’d take some time today to post a sample vertical jump workout that you can do right at home. This workout assumes that you do not have any weights to work with. Therefore, it will be based on plyometric exercises rather than weight lifting exercises. If you’re already using weights to help improve your vertical jump (or just to work out) you can supplement your training by adding in a routine like this once per week.

Remember that training your body more than 4 times per week can actually do more harm than good due to overtraining. If you’re doing weights, you can do 3 days of weights and 1 day of this workout mixed in.

I have to make the disclaimer that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to increasing vertical jump. So with that in mind, try out this vertical jump workout and see how it goes for you. If you’re not seeing results, try switching up the exercises and/or reps to give your body something new to try. Just remember to keep working hard to achieve your goal…you’ll eventually get there!

Plyometric Workout:

  1. Ankle Bounces Sets: 2      Reps: 50-75
  2. Tuck Jump Sets: 2     Reps: 15
  3. Slalom Jump Sets:2     Reps: 50
  4. Standing Broad Jump Sets: 2     Reps: 5
  5. Low Squat Ankle Jump Sets: 2     Reps: 25

As the weeks go by you should be trying to add more reps and sets to your exercises. Remember that in order to increase your vertical jump you need to progressively add more effort to your workouts. For example, if you do 50 reps of ankle bounces the first week, try to do 60 reps the following week.

Anyway, I hope this helps a bit and I hope you enjoy this vertical jump workout! Keep checking back for more updates.

  • Reginald Lawrence

    how many times a day to do it

  • admin

    Hey Reginald,

    You should only perform your workouts once per day. You should also have one day of rest in between each workout day.

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