Tuck Jump Exercise – Intermediate Plyometrics

by Patrick

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Tuck jumps are an interesting exercise. They fall into the category of box jumps and hurdle jumps, but with more of an exaggerated motion. Odds are you’ve seen athletes doing tuck jumps as a little warm up in order to get psyched for the competition. Usually  a sprinter might use these to help stretch out his legs a bit before an intense race.

To perform a tuck jump, you simply need to jump up and pull your knees into your chest. Repeat this motion without taking a break in between jumps. It will look a little funny, so you might not want to do it at the gym too much. ha! But don’t worry, there’s no equipment required to do tuck jumps. 

Before doing tuck jumps you should stretch out your legs and back a little bit so you don’t pull a muscle. A pulled muscle is quite a pain (literally) and it can set you back for a while. 

Tuck Jump Exercise Video (try to remove pauses between jumps)

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