Triple Jump Technique

by Patrick

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The triple jump is a pretty strenuous exercise if you’ve never tried it before. The upside to it is that this exercise can really improve your one-legged takeoff. If you’ve never really watched a triple jump, it’s actually pretty interesting. I should probably warn you that if you’ve had any trouble recently with shin splints I would highly advise against using this exercise. Go back to some of our other plyometric exercises and work on something a bit easier.

Triple jumps are, as you guessed, composed of three jumps. Each of these jumps is done on one leg. Here is an example to show you how it works. First, you will run and takeoff on your right leg. Next, you will land on that same leg and jump again without your left foot touching the ground. Finally, you will land on your left leg and jump one final time. Here it is in a little step-by-step form. 

  1. Run at moderate to full speed
  2. Jump off right leg
  3. Land on right leg and takeoff again without left foot touching ground
  4. Land on left leg and takeoff one final time

That’s about it. I would recommend not running as fast as you possibly can when you first start doing the triple jump. The second jump is the hardest and the most likely spot where you will fall flat on your face. But don’t worry, just take it slow and this won’t happen. Also, bend your knees to whatever point necessary to absorb the impact. No sense in hurting yourself if you can avoid it.

Here is a video of a national triple jump record that I thought was pretty interesting. 

                                                    Triple Jump Video

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