Step Up Jump – Intermediate Plyometrics

by Patrick

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The step up jump is a great way to build strength in the upper half of your legs. This exercise is very useful because it puts your body at a mechanical disadvantage…in other words, it’s harder than just normal jumping. Using this mechanical disadvantage, the step up jump forces your body to generate more strength to compensate. Let’s get to it.

To begin the step up jump, try to find an object that is about as tall as a chair. You can use a chair if you want, but just make sure it’s sturdy. Place one of your feet on the chair and leave the other on the ground (like the Captain Morgan pose).

To execute the step up jump just jump up into the air using only the leg that is resting on the chair. You can see now that this is more difficult than regular jumping. Try not to bend your legs too much when you take off, and try to land in the same position when you come back down.

So not only do you have to take off from a strange position, you also can only use one leg to get off the ground. That is why I find the step up jump to be so useful for building strength and explosiveness. Check out the video below. I would recommend trying to get a little bit more intense by jumping higher, but that’s just my opinion.

Just ignore the weird music in the video below…

Step Up Jump Video

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