Standing Calf Raise Exercise

by Patrick

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The standing calf raise is an excellent exercise to use if you’re trying to increase your vertical jump, or just general leg strength. I have found that calf raises have really helped increase my jumping ability by giving me that little extra push right at the end of each jump. The best part about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere!

The only thing you need for standing calf raises is a step. The step should be about 5 or more inches high. Stand with only your toes on the step and allow your feet to sink down in the back. You should feel a good stretch in the calf muscles. Once down, push back up quickly with your calf muscles and hold that upper position for a second or two. Repeat this motion 15-20 times. 

If standing calf raises with only your bodyweight are too easy, try holding a dumbbell in one of your hands. Also, try doing calf raises with only one leg at a time both with and without weight.

                                           Standing Calf Raise Video

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  • Those are some killer calves in the video, is that you?

  • admin

    Haha, yeah they’re pretty huge. That’s actually not me. I didn’t have a video camera when I started my site so I had to grab videos to use from Youtube.

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