Standing Broad Jump Technique

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This standing broad jump article will focus on the technique you’ll need to use to achieve the longest jump possible. I actually have another standing broad jump article with a video that can make things a bit clearer for you if you’re a visual learner (just follow the link). I’ll probably end up adding a video to this page soon for those who will inevitably end up on this page in the future. [Edit: check out Frank Yang’s video at the bottom. Inspirational]

Anyway, the key to proper standing broad jump technique is getting your whole body involved in the action. I’ve seen a lot of people who try to do the exercise and only end up jumping about 4 feet. The main reason for this is that they are only using their legs and not their upper body as well. Using your upper body strength to help build your momentum is the main key to having optimal standing broad jump technique.

To begin, you should place your feet about shoulder width apart. So, your right foot should be under your right shoulder, and your left foot should be under your left shoulder. Make sure that your feet are lined up as well. Neither foot should be in front of, or behind, the other. If your feet are staggered you’ll get an uneven amount of power output from each leg when you do your standing broad jump.

Once you’ve got your feet placed correctly you’re ready to begin the main standing broad jump motions. Start by¬†swinging¬†your arms back and forth a bit to get your body rocking slightly. This rocking motion will get your body ready to propel itself forward by giving you just a little bit more momentum to work with. Unfortunately, you can’t see Frank’s arms swinging in the video below since his upper body is cut off. However, you can check out the video on the other post I mentioned earlier for a better view.

Once you’ve got your arms going, lean forward a bit and bend your knees. Your thighs should not come all the way down to parallel, but just above it. Check out Frank in his standing broad jump video below. Once your knees are bent, explode up and forward as hard as you can while at the same time throwing your arms forward. Like I said earlier, using your upper body will help you get a lot farther.

Here is a quick recap of the standing broad jump technique steps.

  1. Feet shoulder width apart, toes lined up
  2. Swing your arms a bit and get your body ready for takeoff
  3. Lean forward slightly, and bend your knees to a bit above parallel
  4. Explode up and out with your legs and swing your arms forward

That’s about it for the standing broad jump technique. Just try to make everything one fluid motion and don’t forget to fully utilize your upper body. If you want more tips be sure to check out both of the standing broad jump articles so you can see both of the videos.

Frank Yang Standing Broad Jump Video (11 ft)

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