Squat Jumps Exercise

by Patrick

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Squat jumps are a very good exercise for improving overall strength and power. I would recommend using this exercise for any sport, even if you’re not trying to increase your vertical jump. The overall benefits you’ll see from any sort of squatting motion are tremendous since they promote muscle growth in the entire body. Squats may be a pain, but you should really try to implement them if you want to see good results. 

Begin squat jumps by loading a bar with 15-30% of your maximum squatting capacity. If you don’t know your maximum you’ll have to either test it or just kind of guess and see what’s comfortable. Once you have the bar loaded, squat about a quarter of the way down and explode back up as hard as you can. Your feet should actually be able to leave the ground. You’re basically just jumping with weight on your shoulders when performing squat jumps. 

Remember to use the squat tips mentioned in the earlier squatting article. Proper form is always a must when using squats because it’s pretty easy to hurt yourself if you don’t do things correctly. Check out the video below to see how they’re performed. It’s pretty straightforward. 

                                                 Squat Jumps Video

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