Side To Side Box Jumps – Advanced Plyometrics

by Patrick

in Plyometric Exercises,Video

Side to side box jumps help to build lateral quickness and power. Use this exercise to build up the supporting muscles on the left and right sides of your ankles. You can move over to the box jump page for another variation of this exercise.

Side to side box jumps begin with the setup of a low box in an open area. Start by standing on the box and hopping off to one side. Immediately jump back up onto the box when your feet hit the ground. Continue the exercise by hopping off to the other side and repeating the motion.

Be sure that the box is not too high when you perform side to side box jumps. If you’re a bit fatigued you might wind up tripping over the box on your way back up. Always be wary of ways that you could hurt yourself. An injury can really put you behind schedule.

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