Rim Jumps – Advanced Plyometrics

by Patrick

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Rim jumps are often used by basketball players as a more advanced plyometric exercise. A basketball rim touch is a great measure of your vertical jump ability. The rim jump is used to build power and endurance in the lower legs. If you want to do rim jumps properly, you should be able to touch a 10 foot rim somewhat easily. Training on something lower, especially if you’re a basketball player, will fail to train you for the real game. Train to touch 9 feet, and you’ll stay at 9 feet. Always go for the absolute maximum effort that your sport will require in the real game situation. If you can’t touch the rim yet, try using ankle bounces instead.

Now that I’ve gone through my little spiel, let’s get started. Rim jumps are actually pretty easy. All you need to do is stand under the rim and repeatedly jump up and touch it. Don’t take any rests between jumps, just explode back up. Also, try not to bend your knees too much if you can.

Always be sure to stretch out your back and lower legs for this exercise. Most people just hold their arms up over their heads as they do rim jumps (which is fine). This can get really hard on your back after a while, especially if you’re doing a lot of reps.

Once again, I’m lacking in the video department for this exercise. I’ll get one up soon.

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