Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands are an excellent addition to any workout equipment collection. Unfortunately, not many people use them because they don’t think they are as useful as weights or other machines, or they simply don’t know how to use them. However, resistance bands are actually very beneficial when used properly.

There are several benefits that come with using resistance bands:

  1. Cheap: Resistance bands are very cheap and will certainly cost you less money than a full weight set. They are usually around the $5-20  range. 
  2. Appropriate for all levels: No matter what your fitness level, resistance bands can provide a solid workout for you. I’ll be going over some exercises you can do with these pieces of equipment in the future. 
  3. Easy to carry: If you’re going on a trip, you can easily pack up your resistance bands to take along for the ride. For those of you with an urge to work out wherever you are, you can use these things in a hotel room if you wish. 
  4. Add variety and build coordination: Bands are great at helping you mix up your routine a bit. You don’t have to completely devote your workout to using resistance bands. Just use them to supplement weights if you wish. They also build coordination since it takes a bit more stabilization to control the bands since the resistance is always constant.  

As you can see, there are lots of good reasons to try out resistance bands. You should definitely look into them a bit more if you’re interested in switching up your workouts a bit. 

Buying Resistance Bands

I highly recommend that you buy a variety of different bands so that you have a range of resistance levels to choose from. They are often color coded, but be sure to check out the resistance level labels on the package to make sure you’re not buying a bunch of the same thing.The bands can often be found at local sporting goods stores, or you can do searches online to turn up some pretty good options.

You should also look for bands with padded handles so that they are comfortable to use. Performing a workout with uncomfortable equipment can be quite a pain and really crush the effectiveness of your workout. 

You may want to look for some accessories to purchase along with your bands depending on how your home is set up. Many people use a sturdy railing or other objects around the house to attach the bands to. Everyone’s needs will be different, so be sure to think about the areas in your house where you might be able to use the resistance bands. 

I’ll get more information about bands up soon. For now i’ll just plant the resistance band seed in your mind. 

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