Reactive Squats

by Patrick

in Weightlifting Exercises

Reactive squats are similar to jump squats, but also different. Check out the jump squats page if you haven’t already. The difference between reactive squats and jump squats is that they emphasize different directions of movement. A reactive squat focuses on the downward motion while a jump squat emphasizes the explosive, jumping motion.

To begin reactive squats, load a bar with about 25-50% of your maximum squat capacity. Once you have the bar loaded, drop down into a very low squat and reverse the direction as fast as you can. Your feet should not leave the ground when you come back up.

You’re basically trying to dig yourself out of a hole with this exercise by trying to overcome the downward force as quickly as possible. Reactive squats will greatly increase your ability to spring back up off the ground even though you’re not actually training for a jump with this exercise. 

Always be sure that you are familiar with proper squatting technique before you do any of these exercises. Also, stretch out both of your legs before attempting reactive squats.

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