One Leg Box Jump

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The one leg box jump is a very difficult exercise. If you haven’t tried regular box jumps yet I would highly recommend you start with them before attempting one leg box jumps. This exercise will greatly increase the strength of your calf muscles and overall one-leg explosive power. 

To begin the one leg box jump, find a box that is at a height below your knee. Starting too high is a little risky since it might not be possible for you to make it up on to the box when you jump. 

Once you have your box set up, stand in front of it like you would for a regular box jump. This time you’ll be standing on one leg. Jump up toward the box from your one leg stance and just try to tap the top edge of the box. You can try to land completely on top of the box if you want a bit more of a challenge. If you’re just tapping the top edge, try to jump back up immediately after you touch the ground.

Make sure that you are fully extending your leg when you jump to help activate all of the muscle fibers. This will ensure that you’re getting the most out of one leg box jumps. 

                                         One Leg Box Jumps Video

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