Multiple Box Jumps

by Patrick

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Multiple box jumps are very good at helping athletes increase their explosiveness and endurance at the same time. This exercise can be done by just about anyone, and are a great addition to any vertical jump workout.

To begin multiple box jumps, you will need several boxes that should be lined up in order of increasing height. (I would highly recommend purchasing a set of plyometric boxes if you don’t have some. These are great training aids that can be used for many different exercises.) Space the boxes about two to three feet apart. There should be enough room for you to comfortably land in between the boxes, which I’ll explain in a second.

Once you have the boxes set, stand so that you are looking down the row of boxes. Jump up on to the first, lowest box, and then jump straight off of it so that you land just in front of the next box. Jump up on to the next box and repeat the motion until you have jumped up on to the last, tallest box.

You can check out the video below if this doesn’t make sense. The video has a young kid┬ádemonstrating┬áthe exercise. Proof that anyone of any age can do multiple box jumps!

Multiple Box Jumps Video

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