Lying Leg Curl

by Patrick

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The lying leg curl is a very popular exercise within the bodybuilding crowd. This is a great exercise that will help build powerful hamstrings for more explosive strength. Be sure to stretch out your hamstrings a bit before performing lying leg curls in order to prevent any muscle strain. 

Begin lying leg curls by laying face down on the lying leg curl machine. It should look something like this:

lying leg curl machine

lying leg curl machine

Once you’re laying face down, the first thing you need to do is make sure that the black round part at the end is touching your leg right below your calf muscle. This is usually the most comfortable spot for me, but you can play around with it. Also, make sure that your knees are slightly hanging off the platform that you’re laying on. This is also a comfort thing. 

When you’re ready, explode the weight up by curling your legs up to your thighs. Try to hold the weight their for a second or two before lowering it back down. This will make your lying leg curls more effective.


                                              Lying Leg Curl Video

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