Low Squat Jump – Beginner Plyometrics

by Patrick

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The low squat jump is used to develop the upper portion of your legs as well as increase the strength of your knee joints. Use the low squat jump in conjunction with, or as a replacement for, ankle bounces.

Begin by getting into a squat position. Your upper legs should be about parallel to the ground. If this is too difficult for you to hold this position without any support, you may want to try wall sits. I’ll go over those in another post. Once you’re in the squat position, begin bouncing on the balls of your feet while trying to maintain the squat position. You’ll mainly be using your calves and ankles to thrust yourself into the air.

If your knees begin to ache when you’re doing the low squat jumps, stop immediately. The next time you come back you can either not squat as low, or you can hold onto something like a chair for a little support. Once you can do the low squat jump without extra support, be sure to hold your arms out in front of you to help maintain balance.

Here is a video that does a pretty good job of demonstrating the low squat jump. Just try not to swing your arms quite as much as this guy. Try to only use your legs to move your body even if you can only get an inch or two off the ground at first.

Low Squat Jump Video

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