Low Box Depth Jump – Advanced Plyometrics

by Patrick

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The low box depth jump is very good for developing your reactive strength and explosiveness. This sort of strength allows you to turn downward vertical motion into upward vertical motion. If you miss a blocked shot and need to go back up immediately to grab a defensive rebound, this is the exercise that will help you do that. 

To begin the low box depth jumps, find a box that is less than 18 inches high. Once you have the box, begin the exercise by standing on top of it. Step off the box and immediately jump back up into the air when your feet touch the ground. You can also jump up on to a higher box for a tougher workout or just to change things up. 

Usually you’ll do about 10-20 repetitions of this exercise. It can be a bit tiring depending on how intense you’re performing them. Each jump counts as one repetition.

                                         Low Box Depth Jump Video

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