Leg Lift Exercise

by Patrick

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Increasing your vertical jump isn’t just about working on your legs. Your entire body must be involved in the development process. This is where exercises like the leg lift come in handy. 

With the leg lift exercise, you will be training the core area of your body which is comprised mainly of your midsection (specifically, your abs). By working your core, you will be building a more supportive frame for your body which will allow you to use your leg strength more efficiently.

There are a lot of variations of the leg lift exercise, so I’ll just cover one for now. To begin, find a bench that you can lay flat on. You should be on your back and your legs should be hanging off the edge of the bench. Put your arms up behind your head and hold on to the bench with both hands.

Once in position, slowly move your legs up and down in a rhythmic fashion. Keep your legs straight as you do this, bringing them up so your feet are pointing right at the ceiling, and down so that your feet dip just below the level of the bench. This can be a tough exercise for some, but you’ll get used to it with practice. 

Just watch the beginning of this leg lift exercise video to get the idea. This guy does some extra stuff at the end that isn’t part of the leg lift, obviously. 

                                             Leg Lift Exercise Video

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