Lateral Cone Jumps – Advanced Plyometrics

by Patrick

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Lateral cone jumps are a very useful exercise for building agility and foot speed. They will also help strengthen your lower leg muscles along with the muscles that support your ankles. Lateral cone jumps are very similar to slalom jumps. The only difference is that you’ll be jumping over an actual object this time.

To begin lateral cone jumps, find an object that is about 12 inches high. As the title implies, cones work very well for this exercise but they are not absolutely necessary. Once you get your object, set it on the ground and stand next to it. Jump over it repeatedly in a lateral motion (left to right). To make it more difficult, you can increase the height of the object or try not to bend your knees at all as you jump over it.

Here is a pretty quick lateral jump video. Is this guy in a prison?? ha!

Lateral Cone Jump Video

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  • andrew

    do you know if air alert is any good?

  • admin

    I have tried two different versions of Air Alert and neither of them worked for me. I found that the repetitions were way too high and they were actually causing me to lose jumping ability. I would highly recommend you check out the three programs I listed on the Top Programs page.

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