Iso-Ballistic Squat Jump

by Patrick

in Weightlifting Exercises

Iso-ballistic squat jumps are very similar to squat jumps. You should use these if you start to get a little bored with your regular routine and want to switch things up. As always, be sure to stretch out your legs before you do any heavy squatting stuff. You should especially focus on loosening up your knees since they will handle most of the force. 

To begin iso-ballistic squat jumps, add between 10-30% of your maximum squat capacity to the bar. Lift the bar and squat down to just above parallel. Hold this position for about 3-5 seconds before exploding back up off the ground. The pause is the one difference between iso-ballistics and regular squat jumps. 

Be sure to read the article on regular squatting if you haven’t already in order to make sure your form is correct. That’s about it for this exercise.

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