Hurdle Jump – Intermediate Plyometrics

by Patrick

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Here is an explosive movement called the hurdle jump. The hurdle jump is quite similar to box jumps. The difference is that you’re jumping over an object rather than on to it. Use this exercise to build explosive power and vertical jumping ability. The fact that you have to emphasize the upward propulsion of your body when you do hurdle jumps will really help you improve the vertical aspects of your leaping abilities. 

To begin hurdle jumps, try to find an object that is about equal to your vertical jump height (22″ vertical, use a 22″ object). Stand in front of the object and explode up over it. Make sure to use good knee bend and arm swinging motions when you take off. If you can, find an object that will fall out of the way if you happen to hit is when you jump. Some people fall when they do hurdle jumps because they get tired and their feet hit a hurdle that doesn’t move. 

Check out the hurdle jump video below. It has some good tips and advice as well as variations for the exercise.

                                                 Hurdle Jump Video

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  • Thanks for writing, I truly enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have talent for blogging!

  • admin

    Well thank you. I’ll do my best.

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  • patrick long

    hello i have been jumping hurdles for 2 years im really good at it i just cant get my arms in rythem with my other leg and some times my steps are off and i jump tp high. how can i fix this?

  • Patrick

    Hey Patrick,

    I gotta be honest and say that I’m not an expert at hurdles, but if you’re having problems getting things in rhythm make sure that you’re slowing things down a bit and practicing slowly. This will give your body a chance to get used to the proper movements and timing that you need to take your hurdling to the next level. Remember that the key to any successful training is quality. Don’t try to run and hurdle as fast as you can without first getting your body used to the basic movements.

    I hope this helps a bit. I’ll let you know if I think of any other tips that might help you.

    – Pat

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