High Box Depth Jumps – Advanced Plyometrics

by Patrick

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High box depth jumps are another example of combination plyometric exercises. This one is obviously a combination of depth jumps and box jumps. These kinds of exercises give you a tougher workout and add a little more variation to help avoid the mundane. It’s always good to look for new exercises (or make up your own) when your workout starts to get a little boring. Anyway, on to high box depth jumps.

To begin this exercise, find a box that is at least 18 inches high. Your starting position will be on top of the box. Once you’re standing on top, step off and immediately jump out as far as you can. This is similar to the standard depth jump, but with a little more of the added shock resistance training. You are priming your body for the impact it will take each time you jump during a game. The depth jump will help with your horizontal movement and explosiveness.

That’s about it for high box depth jumps. My only piece of advice is just to make sure that your box isn’t too high. Using one that is too high can cause problems with the bones in your feet along with possible joint problems in your legs. Just test out different heights before you really start getting high repetitions going.

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