Depth Drops – Reactive Plyometric Exercise

by Patrick

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Depth drops are exercises that train your legs and body to absorb impact after a very high jump. Theses exercises will help strengthen the ligaments and tendons in your feet and legs. This is important due to the fact that your body will be impacting the ground with a lot of force every time you perform a jump.

The first thing you need for depth drops is a tall box. A lot of people start with a box that is about 2 feet high. This height should be good for beginners, but you can crank it up a bit if you don’t feel like you’re benefitting from a 2 foot box. Once you have your box, start out by standing on top of it. Step off of the box and try to land with minimum knee bend. Remember, you’re preparing your body for the occasional really rough landing.

You should repeat the exercise about 10 times. If you experience pain when you do depth drops you should either stop, or do them on a soft surface if you don’t already. 

Landing on your toes (like the guy in the video) will put more stress on the legs and make the exercise more difficult. I would only recommend doing this sort of depth drop after you have had a little experience with them. 

                                               Depth Drops Video

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