Box Squat Jumps – Intermediate Plyometrics

by Patrick

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The box squat jump is an interesting movement. It’s very similar to the step up jump in that it puts your body in a disadvantaged position. The difference is that you will be sitting in a chair or on a box to perform this movement. 

To get started with box squat jumps find a chair, or flat surface of about similar height, to sit on. All you need to do now is jump up as high as you can from the sitting position. If you change the height of the chair/box you can make the movement either easier, or more difficult. 

You can also perform box squat jumps by jumping out as far as you can instead of up. Or, you can try to jump up onto another box. It doesn’t really matter which method you choose, so pick whichever you prefer. 

The guy in the video is named Frank Yang. He used the Vertical Jump Bible like I did and, as you can see, had some pretty good results. Check out his box squat jump below.

                                               Box Squat Jump Video

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