Box Jump And Plyometric Boxes – Intermediate Plyometrics

by Patrick

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The box jump is a very common exercise used for building explosiveness in all parts of the leg. It heavily emphasizes the use of the upper portion of your legs while at the same time stimulating your calf muscles. The exercise is very simple and can be performed just about anywhere. 

To begin, find an object that you can jump up onto to. Make sure it is steady and won’t wobble when you land on it. I’ve fallen several times, and trust me, it’s not fun. I would recommend purchasing some plyometric boxes if you don’t already have some. A makeshift box will work for a while, but plyometric boxes are designed for exercises like box jumps. Plus, if you want to do things like increment box jumps (starting with a low box and moving your way up to a high one) you will need several boxes of varying heights. This is where a nice set of plyometric boxes will really come in handy. 

Once you’ve got your box set up, all you need to do is jump up onto it. Make sure the box is at a reasonable height for your jumping ability…you might lose so skin on your shins if you can’t quite get all the way up on the box. When you’re doing box jumps you can land on top, pause,  and step off to repeat the jump Also, you can do continuous jumps up onto the box with no rest periods in between box jumps. Either way works well.

Here is a video about box jumps. This guy seems a bit intense, but he gets the job done. Check it out.


                                                     Box Jump Video

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