Altitude Landings

by Patrick

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Altitude landings are very simple, but they can also really improve your vertical jump ability. This exercise will help improve the overall strength of your legs, especially your ankles. Also, your ability to absorb impact is critical to your vertical jump and altitude landings will help you with impact absorption.

To begin altitude landings, find a tall object that you can stand on top of. The object should be tall enough to be challenging, but it should also be low enough that you won’t hurt yourself when you drop off of it. When you have your object, stand on top of it and simply step off. Land on both feet and try to use as little knee bend as possible. As time goes on, you will become much better at this and your body’s ability to rebound off the ground after a landing will greatly improve. This is especially useful if you’re trying to improve your rebounding ability for a sport like basketball.

If this is your first time performing altitude landings, you may want to put a soft surface on the ground below you. This will help ease the strain on your legs when you land until you get used to the motion.

This video shows an exagerated motion. Try not to bend your knees quite this much.

Altitude Landings Video

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