4 Star Drill – Beginner Plyometrics

by Patrick

in Plyometric Exercises

The 4 star drill is a very popular exercise used to increase agility and footwork ability. This exercise can really help with strengthening your lower legs and ankles. With an increase in lower leg and ankle strength, you will be less likely to have injuries in those areas of the body.

Begin the 4 star drill by drawing (or imagining) a box on the ground. Each corner of the box will have a number that corresponds to it.

1                     2


3                    4

(Note: the 5 spot should be directly in the center of the box. Sometimes it won’t display correctly on some people’s computers)

Perform the 4 star drill by hopping from one spot to the next. You can follow the order from 1 to 4, or you can change the order for some variation. You can also add a fifth spot at the center for even more difficulty. There are a lot of options with this exercise, especially if you rotate between using one and two feet.

Try to space the numbers about one foot from each other when you first begin this drill. It will be tough to move much further if you’re not used to doing exercises like the 4 star drill. Try to increase the distance between the numbers as your agility and balance increases. You should also time yourself each time you perform this exercise and try to beat that time on the next 4 star drill attempt.

Be sure to keep a rigid form in your legs when performing this exercise. Keep the knees slightly bent, and be sure to not let the ankles hang loosely as you jump from point to point. If you do, you may twist your ankle as you land on a spot. Also, try to keep your feet held tightly together if you’re doing the 4 star drill with two feet.

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